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Raymond Mill

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Raymond mill is also called Raymond roller mill, which is the commonly used for milling equipment. It is mainly used for fine powder processing of more than 280 kinds of materials such as barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, glass, insulation materials and non inflammable and explosive minerals with not more than 9.3Mohs hardness and below 6% high humidity in chemical industry, construction industry and other industries. Raymond mill also has other names, such as Raymond pendulum mill and Raymond grinding mill.

Working Principle
When at work, Raymond mill machine will first crushed material from the feed hopper side hood entered the studio of raymond inside the processing machinery. With the grinding roller device in the host central flower on suspension in the processing in the studio, the grinding device can continuously around the axis perpendicular to the direction of motion do revolution. In addition, the grinding roller device will do the autobiography priming. This design makes the grinding process of materials have more movement, making the material more efficiency of grinding, grinding fineness much higher due to the rotation produces centrifugal force, so the grinding roller device under the action of centrifugal force will continue to swing outside, in the process of swinging will constantly pressed Raymond mill machinery another extremely important machining parts grinding ring. Blade at this time will continue to be material to roll grinding device and grinding ring, roll grinding device and grinding ring rolling compaction of material in the process will continue in operation, reach the final goal for crushing material.

1. Relatively small occupied area, strong system, whether it is from the rough processing of raw materials, transportation, milling and the final packaging, it can become an independent production system.
2. High screen through rate, which is up to 99%.
3. The transmission device of the host adopts closed gearbox and belt wheel, which has smooth transmission and reliable operation.
4. Important parts are made of high quality castings and extrusions manufacturing, the fine craft and rigorous process ensures the durability of the whole set of equipment.
5. Electrical system of Raymond mill adopts centralized control, the working shop basically can realize unmanned operation, convenient maintenance.

Type Roll Grinding Maximum Output Size Output of Motor Power Blower Power Analysis Machine Power(kw) Overall  
  Number Feed Size(mm) (mm) 8 hours (kw) (kw)   Dimension(mm)
3R1510 3 10 80-325 0.3-1.2 7.5 5.5 1.1 3200*2100*4500
3R2115 3 20 80-325 0.4-1.6 15 11 2.2 4100*3300*4500
3R2615 3 20 80-325 0.5-2.7 18.5 15 2.2 4300*3500*5100
3R2715 3 20 80-325 0.7-3 22 18.5 2.2 5300*4100*5200
4R3016 4 20 80-325 0.8-5 30 30 2.2 5300*4100*5200
4R3015 4 25 80-325 1.0-4 30 22 2.2 5500*4300*5400
4R3216 4 25 80-325 1.0-8 45 30 5.5 7100*5900*7900
4R3220 4 28 80-400 1.8-4.5 45 37 5.5 8000*6000*9500
5R4119 5 30 80-400 2.3-8.0 75 75 7.5 9200*7250*9700
6R4427 6 35 80-400 2.5-15 132 132 11 12550*5700*8355

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