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High Frequency Dewatering Screen

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High Frequency Dewatering Screen Introduction

High frequency dewatering screen is the most suitable machine for sand and tailings dewatering process. They are designed as linear vibrating screen that widely applicated to dewatering, desliming, sculting, washing, degritting and screening. Dewatering screens as the most widely used dehydration product, which are mainly to produce a consistent dripless finished product and handle sand, gravel, aggregates, artificial sand, sea sand, clay, ores, tailings, coal, mining and other materials.

High Frequency Dewatering Screen Working Principle

The main deck of the screen slopes upwards and forms a 45° sloping with the back-deck section. Two vibration motors are installed horizontally. One is installed on the top of the other one. Unbalanced gravity produces rotary effect makes the screen work stably.
Double vibration motor excitation, firm and compact structure, getting rid of thedefectsof traditional eccentric vibrator such as large structure, oil leakage, large wear, large noise, inconvenient repair, etc.
Our dewatering screen uses the embedded wear-resistant urethane mesh, its life is longer than the traditional metal mesh’s, and it avoids direct collision of metal frame and ore.
Vibration damper more suitable for wet conditions and durable.

When working, materials are fed onto the screen surface at the feed end of dewatering screen by vibrating feeder or directly from sand washer to achieve a rapid dewatering. As the material piled up on the screen, a puddle began to form.
Under a reverse movement of two sets of vibrating motor in the same angular velocity, the inertial force produced by an eccentric block in a particular aspect to repeated stack or offset. So as to produce a great shock driving screen box along the straight line track to do periodic reciprocating motion, make the materials on screen from input to output to do gradually vibrate and water is separated from materials and pass screen hole and drop to water tank. Solids on the screen are moving towards the outlet end of screen and conveyed to stock pile.

High Frequency Dewatering Screen Advantages

1.Vibration damper more suitable for wet conditions and durable

2. Uses the embedded wear-resistant urethane mesh

3.High efficiency

4.Quality stable

High Frequency Dewatering ScreenTechnical Parameter

Model Power (kw) No. Capacity (t/h) Feed size (mm) Screen parameter Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
          Screen size(mm) Screen area (m²) Screen material    
TS0918 1.1 2 10-30 ≤10 900*1800 1.6 PU 600 1885*1290*1077
TS0924 1.1 2 10-30 ≤10 900*2400 2.2 PU 850 2483*1290*1215
TS1224 2.2 2 30-60 ≤10 1200*2400 2.88 PU 1100 2485*1590*1424
TS1230 2.2 2 30-60 ≤10 1200*2400 2.88 PU 1225 3084*1590*1439
TS1236 3 2 30-60 ≤10 1200*3600 4.32 PU 1468 3677*1590*1498
TS1530 3 2 60-100 ≤10 1500*3000 4.5 PU 1357 3083*1890*1433
TS1536 3 2 60-100 ≤10 1500*3600 5.4 PU 1750 3683*1890*1445
TS1836 5.5 2 100-130 ≤10 1800*3600 6.48 PU 3030 3717*2423*1927
TS1842 5.5 2 100-130 ≤10 1800*4200 7.56 PU 3434 4368*2421*2104

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